I love decorating my home with a variety of lights and battery operated candles. The holidays are approaching and the candles and lights always give my home that cozy feel. The Dollar Tree has a variety of gift boxes that caught my eye and you know I had to get a few. These gift boxes come in a variety of sizes and I think we can create an amazing candle box using three boxes of the same size.
The supplies I will be using are: 1. Three of the same size gift boxes from the Dollar Tree 2. Hot glue 3. Black chalky finish paint by DecoArt 4. Antique wax by waverly 5. Paint brush 6. Polyurethane spray
You will only be using the bottom part of the boxes.
You will want to use the hot glue to attach all three boxes together as shown in photo below.
Once the boxes are together you will then paint them. I am using a black chalky finish paint but you can use any paint that you want. These boxes will cover much easier if you use a primer on them first . It took three coats of the black paint to completely cover the boxes.
Once the black paint was dry I then added the antique wax. You will paint this on and lightly wipe some off.
I then gave it a light coat of a polyurethane spray.
I created two different size candle boxes . These are very easy to create and you can place any size candle in them. I placed our timer taper candle holders inside one of boxes to hold the timer taper candles. You can add moss and decorative bowl fillers.

It is also a fun idea to add different ribbon around the box for different seasons or holidays.

I hope you will get creative and give this a try.