We seem to be getting creative with recycled tin cans lately. These recycled cans make a great craft item. I want to quickly and very easily change up a tin can.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. One large recycled green bean can

2. Tin cutters

3. Hammer

4. Needle nose pliers

Remove the label from your can. You can use any size can but I love how the larger cans.

I used a chalk marker to draw the lines that I want to cut.

I want to cut a center opening to this can.

This is easier to do if you cut 2 straight lines down the can first.

Once you have two smaller sections cut you will then cut down your lines.

Once you have your lines cut you’ll then pull down the strips as shown in photo below.

You’ll cut each of the strips off as shown in photo above. It was hard to cut the strips to the very bottom so I left a small piece at the bottom of each strip.

You’ll hammer the small pieces down into the can.

You can use the needle nose pliers to get the corners.

I used my hands to push the sides in just a bit.

This can be used for so many different things but I love it as a candle holder.

You can paint this can if you want but I like how the light of the candle reflects on the can.

You can find this candle ring on our website by clicking down below


This is very easy to make and looks great with our tin flowers.


I hope you’ll have fun, get creative and give this a try.