I have been trying to come up with some ways to create fun and unique flowers that can be used throughout your porch. I didn’t want to use material because I wanted something that can’t withhold all types of weather. I found cookie sheets in the Dollar Tree that I knew would work perfect.

The supplies you will need are:

1. Fours sets of cookie sheets

2. Scissors

3. Glue gun

4. Ink pen

5. Paint (I’m using a cream chalk paint)

6. Paint brush

7. Paper for your pattern

8. Texture (optional)

9. Metallic luster (optional)

The first thing you will need to do is cut out a pattern for the petals of your flower. You will make this according to the size of flower you will want.

I folded my paper in half and then drew half of my petal. I folded the paper so that when I open it I will have an even sized petal.

Once you have your pattern you will want to trace it onto one of the cookie sheets.

I am using an ink pen to trace my pattern. You will see that you will have an indention that will show you where to cut your pattern out.

You will want to do this process 8 times. This will give you a total of 8 petals for your flower.

The next step is to paint all 8 petals. I’m painting all of mine with cream chalk paint.

I want my flower to have a more rustic look. I am lightly rubbing some metallic lustre onto my petals.

I’m used the color iced espresso.

Once all your petals are done it is time to glue them together.

I found it easier if you cut out a cardboard circle. You can cut it any size you want.

You will glue the first 2 petals on like this.

The next 2 will go on the sides.

You will then add the next 4 as shown below.

You will want a center for your flower. I cut out a circle from the cookie sheet and glued it to the center of flower.

You can leave the center as is or you can add paint to the center.

I added texture over the center circle to my flower.

If you bend up the ends of your petals it will help give your flower some dimension.

These flowers are so easy to make and can be created in a variety of sizes.