Since Fall is approaching quickly I seem to be looking at everything round as a pumpkin. We are always creating fun and unique things here at The Shabby Tree and your going to want to try this DIY. I was in the Dollar Tree and bought some tin pie pans made by Jiffy-foil. I just knew we can create a fun and easy pumpkin out if these.

You will need 2 pie pans. I got mine from the Dollar Tree but I know you can find these in a variety of stores.

Some other items I am using are: 1. Glue gun 2. Box cutter and scissors 3. Marker 4. Wooden sticks 5. A textured stone spray paint 6. Polyurethane spray

The first thing I did was draw my face on one pan.

I then used the box cutter to cut it out.

I then covered the pans with the textured stone spray paint.

I sprayed both sides of the pans.

I bought the textured spray paint from Home Depot.

I then gave them a coat of the polyurethane spray.

I cut the sides of the pans off so that they would be more round.

I added the stems to the top with some Spanish moss.

The stone texture makes it appear as a stone pumpkin.

You can add a set of battery operated lights to the inside.

You can put this pumpkin any where in your home. I like it added to the center of a wreath for a door.



5 hours ago