I’m a huge crafter and seem to be using twine a lot. When I’m crafting my twine seems to just go every where. I wanted something to hold to my twine in place but I also wanted it to look cute. I went to Home Depot and ended up getting creative with what I found.

The supplies you will need are a small block of wood, a dowel , a drill, a drill bit that is same size as your dowel, wood glue, a decorative knob and paint.





First you need to cut your dowel the height you want your post to be.

Then you need to drill a home in the center of your wooden block. I did not drill the hole completely through. Next, you’re going to want to add wood glue in your hole.

After your home is drilled and you’ve added wood glue it is time to insert your dowel.

Next, I drilled a hole down into the center of the dowel. This is where your knob will go. You want your knob to be able to be pulled out so that you can slide your twine down the post.

Once you’ve finished you can paint it or leave it unfinished wood. I’m using ivory chalk paint with an antique wax over it.

These are so fun and easy to make. I also think this would be an amazing gift idea for a crafter.