DIY unique lace candle holders. If you love lace and doilies then you will love this project.


First you will need to get your supplies.
1. Any lace or doilies that you might have lying around. You can also buy lace by the yard or roll at any local craft store.
2. A glass jar. I found these glass jars at my local Goodwill for a $1.00.
3. If your going to want some height to your candle holder then find some cheap candlesticks or a unique silver cup. I find all my candlesticks at thrift stores.
4. Scissors, mod podge, paint brush and E6000 glue if your going to add height.


First you will need to add a coat of mod podge to your glass jar.


Then apply your lace or doilie on top of mod podge. Here I am using a doilie. After you place doilie onto mod podge then apply more mod podge over doilie. If your using lace you will continue this process unveil you cover your whole glass jar.


Once you get your jar covered let it dry. You can speed drying process up with hair dryer if you want. After your lace is dried you can decide if you want to add height or add embellishments.



Here I glued embellishments onto glass with hot glue and added base with E6000 glue. I hope you enjoy this project and get creative with it.