Ok Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. I love decorating for all holidays and I’m excited to make some fun and unique Valentine decorations. If you have a book that you no longer need or use I would love for you to give this fun Valentine book decoration a try.

The supplies that I’ll be using for this project are: 1. One hard cover book

2. Black acrylic paint

3. Decoupage

4. Paint brush

5. Printed tissue paper from Hobby Lobby

6. One shipping hang tag

7. One lock and key

8. Rub’n Buff ( color Gold Leaf)

9. Ribbon

The first thing that I did was paint the outside of the book black. I want this book to have an old antique look which is why I’m painting it black.

Once I had the outside of the book painted black I then ripped the tissue paper into pieces.

You can create the outside of this book to be any color that you want. I love the look of this tissue paper and I think it will help give my book an antique look.

You’ll add some of the decoupage to the book and then add the tissue paper.

You’ll want to do one side of the book at a time so that each side will dry. I tucked the tissue paper around the edge of the book which is why you see the paint brush holding the cover open in photo above. The cover needs to be held open to allow the decoupage on the inside to dry.

I will be adding a lock and key to this book.

I decided to add some of the Rub’n Buff to the lock and key.

I used some of the Rub’n Buff and black paint to create a heart onto the book.

I coffee stained a shipping hang tag and used a black marker to write you hold the key to my heart.

I taped the hang tag to the inside of the book.

I used a ribbon on the lock and key and then placed the ribbon down into the book. The ribbon will help hold the lock and key at the the top of the book.

This will look great mixed in with all of my Valentine decorations. You can create this book using any type of paper or colored paint that you want. I hope you’ll have fun and give this quick and easy Valentine decoration a try.