I recently asked my followers what they wanted to see me create more of and a few of them said door hangers. One of our amazing followers sent me an idea that she saw in Country Sampler magazine for a watermelon door hanger. As soon as I saw it I knew we had to give it a try. It is summer so I know a lot of you are going to love this.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. One sheet of black foam board from the Dollar Tree

2. Box cutter

3. Paint brush

4. One piece of chalk

5. Wire

6. Wire cutters

7. Paint (white, black, red and green)

8. Walnut colored gel stain

9. Welcome stencil

10. Floral stems

11. Ribbon (I’m using a black and white check ribbon from Hobby Lobby)

12. Small paint roller (optional)

13. Sanding sponge

14. Scissors

The first step is to draw out your watermelon slice onto the foam board using the chalk.

You will then use the box cutter to cut out your watermelon slice.

I used a sanding sponge to sand off any loose pieces of foam board.

You will outline the curved side of the watermelon slice with the green paint.

I did both sides of the watermelon slice.

The next step is to add a strip of white paint along the green paint.

You want your white to be wider then the green.

You will then paint the rest of the watermelon slice with the red paint. Be sure to do the edges.

I wanted to add a bite mark into the watermelon slice. This can be cut out before you paint or after you paint.

I randomly drew my bite mark using the chalk. It was easier to cut the bite mark out with the box cutter.

You will want to add more paint along the rim of the bite mark. Once the watermelon slide is painted and dry you can add the gel stain.

The gel stain is an optional step but I love the antique look that it gives the watermelon slice.

I brushed the gel stain onto the watermelon slice and I then used a rag to wipe some off.

Once the gel stain is dry you can then add the welcome stencil.

I used a small paint roller over the stencil.

I added a few black seeds using the black the black paint.

I used the black and white ribbon to create a small bow.

I zig zagged the ribbon back and forth a few times and then wrapped a wire around the center.

I used the wire to wrap a few white floral stems together.

You will attach the bow and floral stems together and then attach them to the watermelon slice.

I used a paper clip to punch two small holes into the watermelon slice. You can place the wires through the holes to attach the bow and flowers.

This is very easy to make and will make a great summer decoration. You can use wire to hang it but I found it easier to use nails. It tends to be heavier on one side so I placed two small nails into the door and then pushed the foam board onto the nails. Using two nails prevents it from trying to move higher or lower on one side. Just be sure to use small nails so that they will not come through the front of the watermelon slice.