There seems to be a few people I know that are having a wedding soon and a few of them are part of our Shabby Tree Crew. It is always fun to decorate for a wedding and I have been trying to come up with a fun and unique way to hold the wedding cards. You want a spot where your guest can place their wedding card when they arrive. I am always out and about hunting for old antique items and I recently found some amazing small suit cases. One of the small suit cases I found was an old roller skate case and I just know we can create it into a fun and unique card holder.



I will be using a variety of items to change up this case. The items I will be using are:

1. A piece of an old chenille bed spread

2. Ribbons and a few strands of a pearl ribbon

3. Surebonder fabric glue for hot glue gun

4. Regular hot glue

5. Scissors

6. Picture frame from the Dollar Tree

7. Coffee filter roses that I made

8. Twine and a wire twine

9. Wooden hang tag from Hobby Lobby

You can use any type of material for this project. I love the look of chenille and I have a few pieces from a an old bedspread. I am using the surebonder fabric glue to attach the chenille to lower inside part of the case.

Once I had all of the chenille glued in place I then used the scissors to trim off the excess.

I decided to add a crochet ribbon around the edge of the lower part of the case.

I want the top part of the case to be able to stay in an upward position because that is where I want to place the frame. Using what I had I decided to just add a piece of ribbon. I glued one end of the ribbon to the top edge of the case and the other end of the ribbon to the lower inside edge of the case.

You will want to do this to both sides of the case.

I used a Dremel to engrave the name into the wooden hang tag. This hang tag will be attached to the handle of the case and will sit in the front of the case.

I colored a few coffee filters a sea glass color and created a few roses. You can find the blog post for the roses down below.

I made three roses and I placed them in the center of a doily. I wrapped the doily around the roses and used a few pieces of ribbon to secure it all together. This formed a miniature bouquet of roses.

I placed a piece of music paper in the Dollar Tree frame and wrote wedding cards in the center with a black marker. The frame fit nicely on the inside of the lid of the case and I placed the small bouquet next to the frame.

This is very easy to create and can easily be created for different types of occasions.