I was in the Dollar Tree and a Tumbling Tower Game caught my eye. When you’re a crafter you always seem to look at everything in a creative way. This game contains 72 small blocks which is an amazing craft item. I love using wood for crafting and I knew right away that these small blocks would work perfect for creating a few small crosses.

I will be using the tumbling tower game, hot glue, paint and paint brush. The first step is to create your cross. You can make your cross as big or as small as you want.

I will be using 10 blocks for one cross.

I will first separate my 10 pieces in five groups of two.

You will want to glue the two pieces together. I added hot glue down the side of one piece and attached the other piece to it.

Do this to all five sets of two. The next step is create the center piece of your cross.

You will add glue to one end and attach the two pieces together.

You want to attach three pieces together. The other two pieces will be attached to the sides.

I placed my two pieces so that that the lines matched up as shown in photo above.

Once all your pieces are glued in place and your cross is formed you can then paint or stain the cross.

I used Vintage Effect Wash by DecoArt on my crosses.

I thought it would be fun to paint the blocks different colors.

I want to place these crosses on my trees so I decided to glue a clothespin to the back of each cross.

These are so easy to make and their are so many different ways you can create them. They look great in my tree but they would also look great in a wreath.