If you’re looking for a fun sign for your home but one that your can design according to your decor then this diy is for you. This can be made in a variety of ways but here is how I designed mine.


The supplies you will need are:

1. 3/4”x 12 x 48” SQ edge msg shelving (I got this from Home Depot)

2. Floral wreath (my wreath is from Hobby Lobby)

3. Spray paint (colors of your choice but the ones I used are colonial ivory and leather brown)

4. Scissors

5. Glue gun

6. Nail

7. Hammer

8. Staple gun

9. Material if your choice (I’m using burlap and my piece is 54” long and 16” wide)

10. Scrap piece of lace

The first thing I did was cut my material and stapled it to the back of my board.



I then spray painted all the burlap with a light coat of the ivory spray paint. I did this to give the burlap a softer look and this step is totally optimal.

Next I took the letters and spray painted them with the colonial ivory. Once the colonial ivory was dry I place my piece of lace over the material and then sprayed the leather brown spray paint over the lace.


Once you have spray painted the leather brown over the lace you lift the lace and you now have a lace printed letter. After all my letters have spray painted and dried I then began to glue them into my board. 

I first started with the letter H so I can then decide where my nail will need to be placed for the wreath. After I hammered the nail in I then placed the wreath onto board so I can see where I will need to glue the M and E.

Once you have glued the M and E onto the board your Home sign is complete. This is a very easy sign to make and you can get very creative when making it. You can change the wreath out for all different holidays.


Here are a few pictures of the material I used and their tag information.