When decorating my home I love using trees of all shapes and sizes. I knew I wanted some type of small wooden trees. If you love the farm house look that is out every where right now then your going to want to make a few of these.

The supplies you will need are: a piece of wood( I got this piece of wood from Home Depot for $10.00) your size of wood depends on the size of trees you want to make. You will also need some safety goggles,a saw and paint which is optional.



First thing I did was draw my triangle onto the wood. This will be the shape for your tree. You can make this how ever tall you want. I will be making 3 different sizes. I just marked a dot on center of wood and drew my lines to each corner.




Once your tree is drawn then it’s time to cut. I just cut down each line with my electric saw.




I did this process three times making three different size trees.


Now I want my trees to stand straight up. You can lean them against a wall but I decided to add some of the scrap wood to the back of each tree. This is giving the tree a better thickness so that it will stay straight up.



I just cut and drilled some scrap incessantly of wood to the back of each tree at the bottom.



My wood was just an unfinished piece of wood so I decided to paint them. You can paint or even stain your trees . I am using some cream chalk paint and adding a stained wax on top.



You can leave your trees just like this or you can add some battery operated lights.

I put tiny nails down both sides of one tree. I then zigzagged the lights wrapping around each nail.



This is such a quick and cheap diy. I love how they turn out and it’s something you can use all year long.