We recently put a fun box of dried organic mix onto our website. This box of mix caught my eye and I knew I wanted to get creative with it. I think we can easily use this box of mix to create a fun wreath for the holidays.

I will be using a piece of cardboard, hot glue and Spanish along with the box of dried mix.





I used a paper plate as a pattern to cut a wreath form out of the cardboard.

Once I had my wreath form I then used the hot glue to attach the Spanish moss.

Once I had the wreath form covered with the Spanish moss I then started glueing on the dried mix.

You’ll want to move the pieces around to see where they look best.

I used the piece of ribbon from the box to create a hanger for my wreath.

This was so easy to make and turned out great.

You can find the box of mix on our website by clicking the link below.


I hope you’ll get creative and give this fun wreath a try.