I have been trying to think of some ways to use card board that I have lying around. I love decorating for all occasions and decided to make some stars that I can decorate with for all year long. This diy is so simple and you can make it in any size you would like.
The supplies you will need are:
1. Cardboard (I’m using some card board from boxes I have)
2. A star pattern of some sort (I’m using a star cookie cutter)
3. Glue gun
4. Yarn
5. Marker
6. Scissors
The first thing you will need to do is trace your pattern and then cut it out.

I then started wrapping the yarn around the card board star. There is no certain way to do this. I’m just wrapping to cover the whole card board star with yarn. I do add glue to the tips of the card board to hold the yarn in place.

Once your star is completely covered I cut the yarn and tucked it under some yarn. I added a little glue to secure it in place.

This is such an easy Diy and you can create it any size and use any type of yarn you would like. You can also run some Elmer’s glue over the star and sprinkle with glitter. I hope you enjoy these and get creative.