Spring is coming and it is time to start adding some yard decorations. One of my favorite things to add throughout my yard are bird feeders and bird baths. We have made a variety of these here at The Shabby Tree but I have never made a plastic one. I found some amazing plastic items in the Dollar Tree that will create an amazing bird bath or bird feeder.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. One clear plastic bowl from the Dollar Tree.

2. One blue plastic chip tray from the Dollar Tree.

3. One glass vase from the Dollar Tree

4. E6000 glue

5. Chain plant hanger from the Dollar Tree

6. Drill and drill bit (any size bit that will allow the hook on the chain to go through)

The first step is to drill the three holes for the hooks of the plant hanger to go through. The outside of my bowl is about 35 inches around so I drilled my holes about 11 1/2 inches apart.

I then added the E6000 glue to the top and bottom of my vase and placed it in the center of the chip tray and bowl. I placed the bowl on the top of the vase and the chip tray at the bottom of the vase.

You will want to give the E6000 glue a good 48 hours to dry before adding the hanger.

You will slip the hooks at the end of the chains through the holes that you drilled into the bowl.

I used a glass vase in the center of the two plastic items because I could not find a plastic vase that I liked. This can be a bird feeder or a bird bath. If you have the E6000 glue this will only cost you $4.00 to make. This is so easy to make and will look great hanging from your porch or tree in your yard.