We are all about finding ways to create fun and unique items here at The Shabby Tree. The Dollar Tree seems to be restocking a lot of their items and the children’s orange race track seems to have caught my eye. Fall is right around the corner which means it is time to pull out all of the orange pumpkin decor. We are going to easily create a fun and unique pumpkin using 8 race track strips from the Dollar Tree. You will only see 6 strips in photo below but you need 8.

The supplies I will be using are: 1. Eight Dollar Tree race track strips 2. Hot glue 3. Scissors 4. Wooden knob ( I got mine from Hobby Lobby) 5. Tape measure or ruler 6. Orange spray paint 7. Marker 8. Two round wooden circles ( mine are from Hobby Lobby and they are 10in x 10in x 0.23in)

The first step is to make a mark 2 inches from one end of each race track.
You will then use the scissors to trim the raised areas on each side of the track in the 2 inch area.
You want the 2 inch area to be flat on both sides. This area will then be glued onto one of the wooden circles as shown in photo below.
You will want to be sure to place the glue on the side of the track that has the raised track. You will glue all 8 strips as shown in photo below.
Once you have the glue added you will then place the second wooden circle on top.
You will want to be sure to add pressure over the whole wooden circle.
Once the wooden circles are glued together you will then bring the strips up and add the knob. I decided to trim the raised edges at the ends of the track to help the strips lay better under the knob.


Once i had all the strips secured in place I then sprayed the round wooden circles with the orange spray paint.


I added some greenery to the top and inside the pumpkin. You can add a candle or lights.
This is a very easy a very easy pumpkin to make and I hope you will get creative and give it a try.