We all love decorating our home and it is always fun to have a few tiered trays for different holidays. You can easily create a three tiered tray for only five dollars. I bought five items from the Dollar Tree and created an amazing three tiered tray.

The supplies you will need to get from the Dollar Tree are:

1. Large silver plastic tray

2. Pizza pan

3. Cake pan

4. Glass salt and pepper shaker set

5. Wine glass

You will also need to get some E6000 glue.

I added the E6000 glue to the top rim of the glass.

You will place the glass onto the large silver plastic tray. I then added the E6000 glue the the bottom part of the glass.

Once I had the E6000 glue on the glass I then added the pizza pan on top.

I then added the E6000 glue to the bottom of one salt shaker and placed it onto the pizza pan. You will then add E6000 glue to the top of the salt shaker and then place the cake pan on top.

You can paint the trays and glass pieces but I wanted to show you how quick and easy it can be to create a three tiered tray.

This is so easy to create and if you have the glue it only cost five dollars.