Christmas is quickly approaching and I always love adding new ornaments to my tree. It is always fun to make ornaments for your tree or to give as a gift. I recently picked up a tumbling tower game from the Dollar Tree that I think we can use to create an ornament.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Tumbling tower game from the Dollar Tree

2. Hot glue

3. Christmas card

4. Scissors

5. Paint brush

6. Walnut colored gel stain by Deco Art

7. Ribbon

The first step is to stain the tumbling tower pieces. I will be using 16 pieces for this particular ornament.

I am using a Christmas card for this ornament but a family photo would be fun to use too.

I decided how much of the Christmas card I wanted to use and laid my tumbling pieces down. You can trace around the pieces to see how much of the card to trim off.

Once you have your card or photo cut to size you will then glue the tumbling pieces onto the front side.

I also glued them to the back side.

I added a piece of ribbon to the top and I glued it in between the front and back side of the tumbling pieces. This is so easy to make and would make a fun little Christmas gift. I hope you will get creative and give this a try.