If you love fresh flowers you need to try this simple and quick Dollar Tree diy. I love cute vases for my flowers and when I saw this glass jar I knew it would be perfect. I love this idea because you can make the vase any color you choose.the supplies you will need are glass cheese shaker ( this one is from the Dollar Tree) spray paint of your choice,spray polyurethane, and fresh flowers.


First step is to spray the glass cheese shaker with your spray paint. This will probably take 2 to 3 coats. I waited about 15 minutes between each coats. You will spray the jar without the lid on.

Once the spray paint is dry I then spray the polyurethane on. This will seal the paint and help prevent it from peeling off.

Once the jar is completely dry you will put your lid back on.
Now it’s time to choose your flowers and cut the stems to size.

You will place your stems into the holes on the lid.


You can incorporate this vase into any room of your home. This is also a great idea for centerpieces for a baby or bridal shower.