The Dollar Tree is putting out their Valentine decorations and you just know I had to check them out. They have a heart wreath that caught my eye and I just knew I had to buy.

My Dollar Tree is a Dollar Tree Plus and this heart wreath was $5.00. This wreath is cute as is but I want to give it a little makeover.

I’ll be adding some green moss and a strand of battery operated lights to this wreath.

The rose string lights are also from my Dollar Tree Plus.

These lights come in pink or red roses. I feel like the pink rose lights will pop on the red rose wreath.

The first thing that I did was add some green moss to the wreath. I used hot glue to hold the moss in place. My bag of moss came from Home Goods.

I added the moss between all of the roses and along the outside and inside edge of the wreath.

Once I had all of the moss in place I then added the rose string lights to the wreath.

I was going to wrap the lights around the wreath but I wanted all of the lights to show on the top part of the wreath.

I placed the lights on the top part of the wreath and I went in between all of the roses. There were a few sections where I wrapped the lights around the wreath as you can see in the photo up above.

This was very easy to make and it will look great any where in your home. I hope you’ll get creative and give this fun makeover a try.