Here at The Shabby Tree we are crafting on a daily basis. We use a variety of craft supplies but we have found a lot of our items at The Dollar Tree. Some items that we have bought you might not have considered as a craft item. Here at The Shabby Tree I am always trying to inspire everyone to keep an open mind when looking at something. Here is a list of items that we have purchased from The Dollar Tree and used for some fun and creative DIY’s.







The first item is a wired metal wreath form. A lot of crafters seem to use this and there are so many different ways to be creative with this. I feel like makes a rag wreath is one of the most popular DIY’s using this item.







Brown paper bags seem to be a must have for every crafter. Here at The Shabby Tree we created an amazing paper bag decoration using 7 brown paper lunch bags.







A cotton mop head is a great item to grab for crafting. We made some amazing tassel Christmas ornaments here at The Shabby Tree using this mop from The Dollar Tree.







You might not think of this plastic white bowl as a craft item but it is. Here at The Shabby Tree we made some amazing pumpkins using two of these bowls.







Another great item to make pumpkins with are these plastic colanders. Using two of these colanders we created an amazing pumpkin and large Christmas ornament for outside.







A very popular item that we used was the splatter screen. By using two of these three of these together you can create an amazing pumpkin.







Here at the Shabby Tree we used these glass bowls for the top of our glass mushrooms.







These magnetic tins can be used for a variety of things. Here at The Shabby Tree we turned them into decorative photo frames for your refrigerator.







The Dollar Tree has a large selection of photo frames. We created some amazing ornaments using picture frames. A picture frame is also a great item to use for creating a fun and unique message board.







A mirror can be turned into a fun chalkboard. We used this mirror to create mini chalkboards for our trees that we keep up all year long here at The Shabby Tree.







This decorative rope is a must have craft supply. You can use this for so many different DIY’s. We used it for some amazing DIY rope trees and hanging decorative cones here at The Shabby Tree.







Napkins come in all colors and prints. We use them a lot for decoupaging. We have a fun and unique upcoming DIY here at The Shabby Tree where we will be using these red napkins.







If your part of The Shabby Tree then you already know that these solar lights are must have. We have used these for so many different DIY’s for our yard. You can use these for hanging outside chandeliers , solar candelabras or even some solar glass mushrooms.







They have a variety of glass bowls and vases. Here at The Shabby Tree we turned these glass bowls into some cute and fun snowmen.







You will find a variety of different rocks and pebbles in The Dollar Tree. We incorporated these small pebbles into some fun easter ornaments here The Shabby Tree.







You will find a variety of ribbons in The Dollar Tree. I don’t think I need to tell everyone that ribbons are a must have for every crafter out there.







We recently just did some fun things with these wall clings here at The Shabby Tree. They are also a great item to add to a window.







We use a lot of doilies here at The Shabby Tree. A doily can be used for so many different craft ideas. This particular doily is great for spray painting a design onto an item such as a window or piece of wood.







Plastic hangers are not just to hang your clothes . Here at The Shabby Tree we have created some amazing items using plastic hangers. You can get creative and make hanging snowflakes, stars or even an angel.







It’s always a great idea to grab some foam brushes. If your a crafter these will come in handy a lot.







These zip ties are a great item to have. These were a must have here at The Shabby Tree for our DIY hanger crafts.




Some other items that you should always pick up from The Dollar are wax paper, parchment paper and duct tape. I find myself using these items a lot when crafting.







A glass plate is always a great item to have. You can turn a plain glass plate into an amazing decorative platter using mod podge and fabric.






I find myself using balloons, tissue paper and crepe paper for a lot of my DIY’s. And you don’t have to be a crafter to need a pair of scissors.







Here at The Shabby Tree we recently made some amazing heart ornaments using plastic beads. By melting the beads in the oven we created hearts with a stain glass effect.







Popsicle sticks are a crafters must have. They are great for mixing paints and things but we transformed them into some fun Christmas ornaments here at The Shabby Tree.





A few other must have items that I always pick up are cotton balls, paper doilies, and styrofoam.







Another item that you might not consider as a craft item is the mesh strainer.







Here at The Shabby Tree we turned these mesh strainers into some amazing snowmen head ornaments.




I hope that showing you some of the items we have used here at The Shabby Tree has inspired you to keep an open mind and remember that everyday items can be used for many different things including crafts! A lot of the items I showed above are not your everyday craft item. If your following The Shabby Tree you can see exactly how we used these items by going to our videos or on our blog page.