A few people have been telling me that Dollar Tree is changing things up and becoming a Dollar Tree Plus. I thought it was time that I go and check out my Dollar Tree and see for myself.

It seems to be true and my Dollar Tree now has certain areas throughout the store that are Dollar Tree Plus.

The items in the Dollar Tree Plus sections seem to be a $3.00 and $5.00 price range.

They have a new selection of home decor items.

There is a small section of t-shirts and leggings.

They now have a larger section of unfinished wooden items.

They are starting to put out their Christmas items.

They have a large selection of Christmas gift bags.

They still seem to have all of their usual everyday items but they seem to have added small sections of the Dollar Tree Plus items in between.

I hope this tour of my Dollar Tree has inspired you to go and check yours out.