I find myself in Dollar Tree a lot and I knew when I saw these plastic snowflake candy dishes I had to make something with them. I love to add larger statement pieces to my 9ft tree and I knew these would make a perfect large size snowflake ornament.





The supplies you will need are :

1. Plastic snowflake bowls from the Dollar Tree

2. Spray paint ( cream or white would be best)

3. Tinsel ( I’m using silver tinsel from Walmart)

4. Glitter ( I’m using silver glitter)

5. Elmer’s glue

6. Hot glue gun

7. Fishing line

8. Paint brush

9. Scissors

10. Drill with drill bit ( I’m using a small drill bit just big enough to allow fishing line to go through hole).

First thing I did was spray paint my snowflake bowls. This is an optional step but I wanted mine to be all cream. I spray painted both sides.




After I spray painted them all I then drilled a hole for hanging.






Next I put hot glue along the edge so I can add my tinsel.





After I have my tinsel all glued in place I then I add Elmer’s glue to the center. I paint the Elmer’s glue to the snowflake pattern in center of snowflake.





Then I sprinkle my glitter all over the Elmer’s glue and then shake off the excess.





You can make this snowflake as I did and have the center front of snowflake bowl showing or you can flip the bowl and use the back as your front. I also glued 2 bowls together making a double sided snowflake. I wanted some to be double sided so that I can hang them on my front porch above my arch way. You just add the finishing line through your drilled hole making a hanger for your snowflake.



These are so easy to make and I hope you all give it a try.