Ok I went to the Dollar Tree looking for salt and pepper shakers and they didn’t have any. I found some plastic toothpick dispensers that I knew would work perfect for what I had in mind. You all know I love trees of all kinds and I want to create a fun tree that I can decoupage or paint!

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Fourteen toothpick dispensers which is seven packs

2. Glue gun

3. Cream tissue paper (I ordered min from amazon)

4. Burlap

5. Mod podge

6. Paint brush

7. Scissors

8. A strand of battery operated lights (optional)

You will get 2 toothpick dispensers in a pack. The first step is to unscrew all the lids off of the dispensers. You will set the lids and toothpicks aside.

I then mod podged the cream tissue paper onto 10 of the clear jars.

I ripped the tissue paper into small pieces and then mod podged them on.

You will cover the entire outside of the jar.

Once I had all 10 jars covered with the tissue paper I set them aside to dry. I then traced the last four jars onto my piece of burlap.

I cut out 4 circles and 4 strips of burlap. You will glue these onto the 4 jars.

I glued the circles on first and then I wrapped the strips around the jars and glued them on.

Once all four jars are covered with the burlap you will glue them together. We are forming a trunk for the tree.

I used a lot of hot glue to hold them together.

Once your trunk is together it is then time to glue the top of the tree together.

I glued four of the tissue paper jars together to form the bottom row of the tree.

You will glue the bottom row onto the top of the trunk.

I then started to add the third row. I placed one of the jars in the center and then I placed another jar on each side.

I then added the second row and then the top jar. I created a star out of the toothpicks for the top of the tree.

I added a set of batter operated lights. I put the lights into the back of each jar. The wire lights work very well for this.

This tree is so easy to make and turns out so cute. I love how you can get creative and make this tree in a variety of ways. The jars can be painted , mod podged or covered with fabric. I hope you will all get creative and give this a try.