I recently bought a few Valentine decorations from the Dollar Tree. There is a particular item that I bought to makeover. It is a metal hanging decoration that I think we can change up to be an everyday decoration.

I will be using 2 of the metal hanging envelopes shown in photo above.

Some other supplies I will be using are:

1. Hammer

2. Cream chalk paint by DecoArt

3. Oak colored gel stain by DecoArt

4. Paint

5. Nail

6. Wire or brads

7. Paint brush

8. A piece of wood to hammer on

I will be connecting the two metal envelopes together with brads. You will need to create holes into the metal envelopes. I found it easier to use a hammer and nail to make my holes.

I made one hole on the three sides of each metal envelope. Be sure that your holes line up and match for both metal envelopes. You want to hammer the nail into the metal envelope from front side to back side of the each envelope. This will allow the sharp edge to be on the inside of the envelope that we are creating.

I was going to use wire to connect the two envelopes together but I found that brads work better.

The next step is to paint your envelope. I am using a cream chalk paint to cover back and front of the envelope.

Once the cream chalk paint was dry I then added some of the oak gel stain.

I removed the twine hangers from the two envelopes and created a new hanger that joined both envelopes together.

You can get creative and decorate this hanging envelope any way that you want. I am creating a hang tag and a center decoration for mine.

I glued a round piece of paper with bling to the center.

I added a little glitter to my hang tag and center embellishment.



This is now a pocket envelope so I added a few sprigs. You can make this to hang any where in your home. This is a fun item to make as a Mother’s Day gift or a gift for any occasion. I hope this will inspire you to take a second look at items and see how you can get creative with them.