Hi you guys! It’s Joy here! With Father’s Day right around the corner I thought I would round up my favorite Father’s Day gift ideas from Amazon and share them with you! 

I don’t know about you guys but each year I struggle to find a good gift to give my dad for Father’s Day, or any occasion! My dad is one of the hardest people to shop for and each year is a challenge to find something he is going to love that he hasn’t already bought for himself. 


All of the gifts I’ve rounded up are from Amazon and should arrive before or close to Father’s Day! As an Amazon associate my mom makes a small percentage off of the products purchased through the links on this blog post. With all of that being said… let’s talk about gifts!

1. The first gift on the list is the tile mate which is a little square you attach to your keys and if you misplace them you can locate them using your smartphone. It is definitely the perfect gift for the dad who is always losing his keys! What’s even better is that it doubles as a great gift for the dad who is always misplacing his phone. If you hit the tile button twice it will make your phone ring, even when it’s on silent! There is also the tile slim which works the same way for the dad who is always misplacing his wallet. 

2. Next on the list is the 11-1 credit card which fits perfectly in the credit card slot of a wallet and has 11 different uses that would come in handy for guys! If you wanted to purchase more than one Amazon also has a two pack for under $15.

3. Flip flops are a must for those hot summer months! My dad lives in flip flops during the summer and these Reef flip flops are so comfortable!

4. Everyone in my family has a yeti cup and loves it, and my dad is no exception! Yeti cups are perfect to keep your coffee hot in the mornings and your drinks cold for hours in the summer! This one is a 30 oz and comes in a large variety of colors and this one is a 20 oz and also comes in tons of different colors!

5. Next up is the perfect gift for any dad! This George Foreman grill is perfect to pull out for a quick dinner or to use on those nights that you don’t feel like firing up the grill!

6. Does the dad in your life enjoy golfing? If he does this gift would be perfect! It is a tiny golf bag with pens that look like golf clubs! The golf bag holds the pens and would be the perfect gift for your dad to add to his desk!

7. The next gift idea for the dad in your life is the beard king. One end goes around your neck like a bib and then the other end has suction cups that attach to the mirror creating a little basket to catch all of your beard/mustache trimmings while shaving. It saves time and makes for a quick and easy cleanup!

8. If your dad enjoys drinking beer then these gel chiller mugs would be a great gift idea! You just pop them in the freezer for a few hours and they keep your beer cooler for longer.

9. Does your dad enjoy cooking on the grill? I know mine does! If your dad enjoys cooking on the grill like mine then you can’t go wrong with giving them a grill set for Father’s Day. This one has 20 pieces and also comes with a case!

10. A toiletry bag is another great gift idea! It is great for guys to keep their shaver and other toiletry items in. I love this one because it is leather and has amazing reviews!

11. This is another great gift idea for any guy who loves to cook! Instant pots are great because they have the ability to do so many different things and cook so many different meals. This one has amazing reviews and offers prime shipping!

12. This gift is perfect for the dad on the go! If the dad you’re shopping for loves to spend time outside or loves outdoor activities then a small cooler is a perfect gift idea! I really like this one because it comes in a few different sizes and colors!

13. The last item on the list is a wireless phone charger! Wireless phone chargers are a great gift idea because you can never have too many phone chargers! I love this one because it is under $15 and is compatible with a bunch of different phone types!



I really hope you all enjoyed this gift guide and I definitely hope it made shopping for the dad in your life a little bit easier!