I love decorating my home for all holidays and it is time to start pulling out my Spring decor. We create a lot of items here at The Shabby Tree and I thought it would be fun to create some faux cabbage to add to my Spring decor. Some faux cabbage will look great mixed in with my decorative carrots.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Coffee filters

2. Green food coloring

3. Styrofoam ball ( my styrofoam ball is 3.8 inches)

4. Rubber gloves (optional)

5. Bowl with water

6. Spray bottle (optional)

7. Floral pins

You will add some of the green food coloring to a bowl of water. I just squirted some into the water to create a darker green shade. You can also add some to a small spray bottle but this is optional. I will use the spray bottle to add extra color here and there if needed.

You will dip the coffee filters into the color and then squeeze them out.

You will spread them out to dry. I have mine spread out on a piece of cardboard.

You can squeeze extra dots of the food coloring right onto the coffee filter.

You will lightly add more of the mixture onto the dot and rub it in.

This will create a few darker green areas on the coffee filter.

Once the coffee filters are colored and dry it is time to add them onto the styrofoam ball.

You will add one coffee filter over the top of the styrofoam ball and use the floral pins to secure it in place.

Once you have the first coffee filter in place you will then start adding more coffee from the bottom as shown in photo below.

I am only adding floral pins under the curved part of the coffee filter for right now. You will add floral pins to the bottom later on.

You will continue adding coffee filters around the styrofoam ball.

I continue to push the bottom together as I add the coffee filters.

I added a total of 10 coffee filters. Once I had the last coffee filter in place I then added a few floral pins to the bottom of the cabbage.

These are very easy to make and can be added any where in your home for Spring decoration. I hope you will get creative and give this a try.