I love decorating and I especially love to incorporate old antique items throughout my home. When I was in one of our local antique stores I saw an amazing cream faux fireplace mantle and I just knew it would look amazing in our new warehouse space. There are so many things you can do with a faux fireplace mantle. I’m going to show you what I will be adding to my faux mantle so that you will not see the wall at the bottom of the mantle.

I didn’t want to see the wall through the bottom part of the faux mantle. You can add a variety of things to hide the wall but I will be using burlap.

I’m using an electric staple gun to tack the burlap to back side of the mantle.

I’m gathering the burlap which will give it a fuller look.

I added the staples along the top and I put a few down the sides.

I cut the burlap so that it will be long enough for me to tuck the bottom up and under.

Once I had my burlap in place it was then time to decorate the mantle. I added a lace doily to the top and let it hang over the edge. I then added a few of my silver pieces that I like to pick up from my local Goodwill.

I love decorating with neutrals and I love incorporating silver and of course I always like to add a tree!

I also love to place my trees in unique buckets and this particular tree I placed in a metal trash can.





I just love how the burlap looks on the mantle. If you don’t like the burlap you can always add a piece of wood to the back of the mantle and paint it the same color as the mantle.

I hope this will give you some ideas on how you can incorporate a faux fireplace mantle into your home!