If you’re following The Shabby Tree then you know how much I love making things that can light up. Lights make me happy and I love having them throughout my home. It’s always fun to add a variety of decorative lamps to the inside of your home as well as your porch. I came across some window cling that we can use to create a fun faux stained glass lamp.

You can find this window cling in Home Depot and on Amazon. You can find it on Amazon by clicking my referral link down below.


The supplies that I’ll be using for this lamp are:

1. Magnolia window film

2. Decoupage

3. Truffle colored chalk paint by Waverly

4. Rich Espresso Metallic acrylic paint by DecoArt

5. Paint brush

6. X-acto knife

7. Drill and drill bit

8. Two brads

9. Hole saw attachment for drill ( mine is 1 1/2 inch)

10. Clorox wipe container mine is the 1lb size)

11. Recycled pretzel container ( mine is 20oz)

12. One clip light

The first step is to remove the labels from the clorox container and the pretzel container. Once you have the labels removed you’ll then want to cut a hole in the bottom of the clorox container.

You want to make your hole big enough to fit the clip light into.

The next step is to paint the entire clorox container with the truffle colored chalk paint first.

Once the chalk paint is dry you’ll then paint the Rich Espresso paint over it.

You’ll want to let that dry and then cut the pretzel container.

I used the x-acto knife to cut the top section of the pretzel container off.

I used the hole saw to cut a bottom center hole into the pretzel container.

I drilled 2 small holes into the bottom of the clorox container. You’ll want to drill 2 holes into the bottom of the pretzel container but be sure to have the holes line up with the holes in the clorox container.

You’ll place the pretzel container on top of the clorox container and add the brads through the holes. Be sure the spread the bottom of the brads to secure the two pieces together.


You’ll want to paint the bottom section of the pretzel container to match the clorox container.

The next step is to add the window cling.

You’ll want to measure the top section of the pretzel container and cut the window cling to size.

I decided to add some decoupage to the pretzel container and then add the window cling.

I cut out some smaller pieces of the window cling and decoupaged them to the bottom part of the lamp.

I cut a small slit at the bottom back side for the cord .

This was so much fun to make and looks so pretty turned on.

I hope you’ll get creative and give this fun and unique lamp a try.