It’s time to start cleaning the porch and getting ready for Spring. I love decorating my porch and I always seem to start with my front door first. If you’re following The Shabby Tree then you know I always like to keep a garland with lights around my door.

I’ll be adding a polypro mesh ribbon , twinkle lights and a garland. You can find the garland and the twinkle lights on our website by clicking the links down below.

I use pieces of twine to tie the ribbon, lights and garland together. There are a few nails going around my door frame that I tie the twine to.

I decided to decorate my door and porch with a daisy theme this year. We made the flowers hanging in the corner of the door here at The Shabby Tree. You can click the link down below for the directions on how to make the flowers.

I purchased some daisy bushes from Hobby Lobby.

I also purchased the daisy door mat from Hobby Lobby.

I decided to use a message board as my wreath. This is an old plastic frame that I purchased from a thrift store. I painted the back piece of the frame with chalkboard paint

I used chalk markers to draw a daisy. You can use a paint brush and a little water to blend the chalk markers in.

I love how my door looks and I love how it was all inspired from a simple daisy that we made here at The Shabby Tree. This was very easy to do and I hope it will inspire you to get creative when decorating.