Christmas is just a few days away and I thought It would be fun to show you how I decorated my front porch. I decorated my front porch very similar to the way it was decorated for Christmas last year. I love the festive feel that my porch has.

I added a new grinch and tree to my porch this year. You can see what I used to make this by clicking the link down below.

I added a new wooden grinch to my porch that is carved out of a tree. This grinch is so fun and unique.

The peppermint pillows are new and they came from Home Goods this year.

The small light up grinch and the radio are new and they both came from Walmart this year.

The plastic hanging bulbs are from Home Depot. I have them hanging with fishing line and they are a timer light.

I love the bright colors and the festive feel that my porch has. I hope this will inspire you to have fun when decorating for the holidays.