I always seem to find myself in our local HomeGoods store. There are so many amazing items in this store and they are always getting new items in. If you’re following The Shabby Tree then you know I go there a lot. I’m going to show you a few of the items that I always seem to go there for.

I’m always getting a variety of napkins from here. We use these napkins for all different types of Diy’s.

I love getting placemats from Home Goods and getting creative with them. You can find them for all different holidays and seasons.

You should always check out their table runners because they seem to have a large selection at a great price. We recently used a few of their Easter table runners for some of our diy’s.

They always have a great selection of holiday decorations.

I always like to go to HomeGoods for my throw pillows and blankets. They always have a great selection for every season.

They have a lot of storage containers but the baskets are always my favorite.

They also have amazing wooden trays and cutting boards.

If you’re a mug lover like me then you’ll definitely have a hard time choosing just one.

Be sure to check out their dish towels. They get pretty dish towels and we have turned a few of them into fun throw pillows.

I buy all of my non slip hangers from Home Goods.

I never leave HomeGoods without checking out their candles.

You can find so many different candles but my favorite are the battery operated ones.

If you’re following The Shabby Tree then you know I go to HomeGoods a lot. I hope this will help you see why I like to go and what I’m always looking for.