We recently put a very cute birdhouse on our website. I thought it would be fun to try and create something similar by using a recycled box.

I’ll be using a 14oz wheat thins box but you can use any box that you want.

Some other supplies that I’ll be using are listed below.

1. One 14oz wheat thins box

2. Heirloom White spray paint by Rust-oleum

3. Oak colored gel stain by DecoArt

4. Paint brush

5. X-acto knife

6. Scissors

7. Ruler stick

8. Hot glue

9. Gorilla glue ( optional)

10. Candle holder ( optional)

11. One small dowel or wooden kabob stick

12. A small piece of cardboard. 

You can make this birdhouse as big or as small as you want. I’m coming down a half inch from the top of the box and placing a mark.

Once I had my mark I then brought the ruler stick over at a slant. My slant is 2.5 inches across. You’ll want to do this to both sides of the box.

Once I had both sides of the box marked I then drew a line a going across the box. Your line should connect both ends of the slants.

The next step is to open the lid and cut down both slants across the box. You can use the x-acto knife or the scissors.

The lid to the box should still be on the box as shown in photo above.

I trimmed some of the end off as shown in photo above.

Once I had the top trimmed I then traced the box onto a piece of cardboard.

I marked another line one inch out from one of the lines from the box.

Once I had the lines drawn I then came down from the edge about 3.25”. I then drew a line going across. This will be the roof to the bird house. You can make this bigger if you want.

I added hot glue to the lid of the box and then added the cardboard piece.

I added more hot glue to the edges of the box to secure the roof down.

I flipped the birdhouse upside down to add more hot glue as shown in photo above.

Once I had the roof secured in place I then found the front center of the box.

I traced a nickel onto the box to create a small hole for the birdhouse.

I poked a small hole to add a small piece of a dowel. This will create the perch to the birdhouse. I stuck the dowel through the hole and added some hot glue.

Once I had the perch in place I then painted the birdhouse. I used a Heirloom White colored spray paint. You can paint the birdhouse any color that you want.

I ripped off some pieces of the cardboard to give it a more rustic look.

I added some of the Oak colored gel stain.

Once the birdhouse was dry I then glued it onto a candle stick from our website.

I added some gorilla glue and then some hot glue.

I decided to add some greenery going down one side of the bird house.

I hot glued the greenery to the top and side and then added a staple to the bottom.

Once it was complete I decided to add a 20 count of battery operated lights. You can find the links for the items on our website down below.




This birdhouse was so easy to make and will look great any where in your home. I hope you’ll get creative and give this a try.