The Dollar Tree has been putting out some new items and one of them caught my eye. They have a plastic bell cloche that I had to get. I think we can easily use this bell cloche to create a birdhouse.

The supplies that I’ll be using for this birdhouse are listed down below.

1. One plastic bell cloche from the Dollar Tree

2. One pie pan from the Dollar Tree

3. Drill and drill bit

4. Brads

5. Aluminum metallic spray paint by Rust-oleum

6. Apple Barrel acrylic paint from Walmart ( Kings Gold, White and Kelly Green)

7. Paint brush and sponge dabber

8. Wire and wire cutters

The first step is drill a few holes into the pie pan. You’ll want to drill these going around the edge of the pie pan.

You can drill as many holes as you want. I drilled 8 and I feel like that will be enough.

Once you have the holes drilled into the pie pan you’ll then drill them into the cloche. Be sure that the holes match up on both items.

I want to hang this birdhouse so I drilled 2 holes into the top of the cloche.

Be sure to add the wire before attaching the cloche to the pan.

You’ll add a brad to the holes to connect the cloche and pan together.

I trimmed off some of the edge of the cloche going around the pan.

You’ll want to cut out a hole to the birdhouse. I traced a small candle and then cut out the hole.

Once I had the hole cut out I then spray painted the birdhouse.

I decided to paint some flowers onto my birdhouse.

You can paint any type of flower that you want. I chose a daisy because it was very easy to paint. This was such a fun and very easy birdhouse to make.

I hope you’ll get creative and give this birdhouse a try.