I was in the Dollar Tree and I picked up a few items. They have two items that will make a cute candle holder. This candle holder will be so quick and easy to make.

The supplies that I’ll be using are listed down below.

1. One square decorative wood tray from the Dollar Tree

2. One glass candle holder from the Dollar Tree

3. Gorilla glue

4. Black acrylic paint

5. Antique gold Rub’n Buff

6. Paint brush

The first step is to paint the decorative wood tray. You can paint this any color that you want. I’m painting mine with a lamp black acrylic paint by DecoArt.

Once the tray is painted you’ll then add the antique gold Rub’n Buff to the glass candle holder.

The last step is to add some of the gorilla glue to the top of the glass candle holder.

I just love how quick and easy this is to make. This can be created using any colors that you want. I hope you’ll get creative and give this a try.