It’s time to start thinking about your Fall and Halloween decorations. I love decorating and I love creating fun and unique decorations. The Dollar Tree has a mop head that I would like to use to create some unique hanging ghost.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. Mop head from the Dollar Tree

2. Black felt

3. Hot glue

4. Scissors

5. Shipping tag

6. Elmer’s glue (optional)

7. Glitter (optional)

The first step is to remove the strands from the mop head. I just pulled the strands out from the plastic center piece.

Once the strands are removed you’ll then cut the shipping label.

I rounded the top and then cut half off the tag off. You can use a simple sheet of cardboard or card stock paper for this.

The next step is to start glueing the mop strands onto the tag.

Once you have the mop strands glued in place you’ll then do the same thing to the other side.

I decided to add some glitter to the top half of my ghost. This is an optional step.

You can find the glitter that I’m using on 143 vinyl by clicking my referral link down below.

I painted some Elmer’s glue onto the top half of the ghost and then sprinkled on some glitter.

Once you have the glitter in place you’ll then cut two eyes out of the black felt.

You’ll use the hot glue to glue the eyes in place.

You can unravel the mop strands to give your ghost a fuller look.

These ghost are so easy to make and will look great hanging any where in your home. I hope you’ll get creative and give this ghost a try.