Summer is here and the birds have been chirping like crazy. I was in Walmart and came across a wooden birdhouse plaque. I thought it would be fun to turn the birdhouse plaque into a fun light up birdhouse.




The supplies that I’ll be using are listed down below.

1. One wooden birdhouse plaque from Walmart

2. Hot glue

3. Drill 4. Drill bit and a 1” hole saw drill bit

4. Engraving tool

5. Stencil

6. One recycled container

7. One clip light from our website

8. X-acto knife

9. Waverly truffle chalk paint

10. Wavery antique wax

11. Paint brush



I found the wooden birdhouse plaque in the craft isle in Walmart.



I cut the top of the recycled container to match the height of the plaque. You can use whatever type of container that will fit the size of the plaque.




I traced the hole of the birdhouse onto the container. Be sure to have the opening of the container at the bottom of the plaque. Once the hole was traced I then cut it out.



I decided to spray the inside of the container with a heirloom white colored spray paint. This an optional step but I do not want the light to have a blue tone.



The next step is to paint the plaque and the container with the truffle colored chalk paint.




I added some of the antique wax over the paint. Once the plaque was dry I then placed a stencil on top. This stencil is from Walmart.


I used the engraver over the stencil. The engraver is by Plaid and I purchased it from Walmart.





The next step is to glue both pieces together.







I used the hole saw bit to drill a hole at the bottom back of the container.







I added the clip light to the back of the container.







I decided to drill some holes into the brach part of the stencil. This will allow some light to shine through the branch.