It seems like so many people are going through so many difficult situations right now. We see a lot of our followers ask for prayers which gave me an idea. I thought we can make a quick and very easy prayer bowl out of a simple dough bowl. This will make a great gift for anyone that might be going through a difficult time.

I’ll be using a small dough bowl that we have on our website. You can find this dough bowl on our website by clicking the link down below.

I will also be using a wood burning tool and some antique gold Rub’n buff.

You’ll use the wood burning tool to burn a small cross into the center of the dough bowl.

I’m making a few different bowls and I decided to burn prayer bowl into one of them.

Once I had the cross burned into the bowl I added a small amount of the antique gold Rub’n buff.

These bowls are very easy to make and will make a great gift. I added a small wooden cross ornament into each bowl. You can find the cross ornaments on our website by clicking the link down below.