I started thinking about Christmas and wanted to come up with some new decorations. Since I love adding a variety of Santa’s throughout my home I thought it would be fun to make a Santa sack. We are always getting creative with recycled items so I thought it would be fun to make a Santa sack out of a recycled chip or popcorn bag.

The supplies that I’ll be using are.

1. One recycled popcorn bag

2. One microfiber cloth from the Dolllar Tree

3. Hot glue

4. Scissors

5. Twine

6. Decoupage

7. Polyurethane spray

8. Colonial Red spray paint by Rust-oleum

You can use any type of chip bag for this sack.

Once your bag is empty you’ll want to wipe the inside of the bag.

You’ll want to spray paint the entire outside of the bag.

I found it easier to place the bag over something to hold the bag in place and then spray paint the bag.

Once you have the bag covered with the red spray paint you’ll then give the bag a coat of a Polyurethane spray.

After my bag was done I decided to give the bag a coat of decoupage to help prevent the paint from peeling off. You can add the decoupage now or at the end.

I decided to coffee stain my microfiber cloth to give my bag a more primitive look. You can mix instant coffee with warm water and soak your microfiber cloth. You’ll then ring out the cloth and set it outside to dry.

You’ll fold one end of the microfiber cloth over about 3 inches.

Cut the rest of the microfiber cloth off.

You’ll want to place a piece of the twine down the inside of the microfiber cloth as shown in photo above.

Once you have the twine in place you’ll then glue the two sides of the microfiber cloth together.

Once you have both sides glued together you should have the center opened and the twine coming out both ends.

You’ll now glue the strip of the microfiber cloth around the top of the bag.

Be sure to not press down both sides of the bag together because the hot glue might glue the bag shut.

The side of your bag should look like the photo above. You should be able to pull the twine to gather the bag.

I want my bag to be a decoration so I added poly-fil to the bag.

I placed a small tree and a snowman in my bag. This will make a fun wreath for any door in my home. I hope you’ll get creative and give this fun Santa sack a try.