Ok I found a new product that I’m super excited to use. If you love the look of colored glass then you’re going to love this. All you need is a clear glass item and some FolkArt Murano glass paint.

This is so easy to do and you’re going to love the finished look.

You’re going to want to have a piece of foam board underneath your glass item. I’m using a $5.00 glass jar from the Target dollar spot.

You’ll squirt the paint onto your glass item in small sections. Once you have some paint onto the glass item you’ll want to tap the glass item down onto the foam board. The tapping will allow the paint to fill in any small spots that you might have not covered with the paint.

If you want your glass item to be dishwasher safe then you can easily follow the directions on the bottle. I love how easy this paint is to use and how amazing it looks when dry.

There are so many different ways to get creative with this glass paint.

I gave my glass items a good 48 hours to dry. I love how easy this paint is to use and I love that no paint brush is needed. You can find this paint in transparent, iridescent and opaque colors. This paint dries with an amazing smooth finish. I hope you’ll get creative and give this amazing glass paint a try.