I recently came across some small tissue paper squares on Amazon. These squares come in a variety of colors and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them when I saw them. We have been putting some fun colorful cloth garlands on our website and I want to make a colorful candle holder to display with them.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. One glass vase

2. One inch tissue paper squares from Amazon

3. Mod podge

4. Paint brush

You can find the exact tissue paper squares that I ordered from Amazon by clicking my referral link down below.


The first step is to add some Mod podge onto the glass vase in small sections.

You’ll add the small squares of tissue paper over the Mod podge. I like to overlap the tissue paper squares.

You’ll want to add more Mod podge over the tissue paper squares as you go.

This is so easy to make and I just love how you can use any glass item that you want.

I hope you’ll get creative and give this fun makeover a try.

This can be done using larger tissue paper squares. You can see all of the tissue paper squares that I ordered on my Amazon store front by clicking the link down below.