We have lived in our home for over 18 years and it was time to redo our kitchen. I wanted to keep it simple and I did not want to spend a lot of money. The main thing that needed an update was our kitchen counter . Our kitchen counter was way out of date and I was not liking the color of the counter top. We did not want to replace all of the cabinets so we decided to paint them to give them a new look.

You will see that our counter top has a raised portion on the back side. We decided that if we cut the raised portion of the counter top off that it will give our kitchen a more open feel.

The sink was another item we definitely wanted to change out. I found a farm sink over a year ago on a yard sale sight and knew I had to buy it as soon as I saw it. We stored the farm sink in our garage until we were ready to start the kitchen remodel.

We also decided that we needed to add a back splash. I am very excited to have our kitchen redone but I do not like having to go and pick out all of the new items. The first thing we did was decide on the type of counter top we wanted and then we went from there.

We looked at all types of counter tops and we decided to go with the solid surface. It took a few days to decide on a print and color and we went with aspen pepper.

I knew I was going to have my cabinets painted black so I thought this color counter top would go well with the black cabinets.

I do not like to make things complicated so when they said I needed to pick out a back splash I did. This back splash is from Home Depot and no lie I went in and picked it out in 10 minutes. We did not realize it was discontinued but we managed to find just enough to be able to use it. I love the color of the back splash and I think it goes well with the counter top.

I was so excited for the sink to be put in. This sink is amazing and makes it so much easier to rinse out our large pots. The faucet came from Home Depot and was another one of my quick picks. We hope to switch out our appliances to a smudge proof stainless steel later on.

We had someone paint the cabinets and give them a worn rustic look.

She used an Annie Sloan paint and a wax on top.

The counter top comes out and over the edge because we cut the raised section off. This gives us a wider counter top space and seems to give the kitchen a more open feel.

This was a very quick and easy way to give our kitchen an update that was in our budget. I love how this turned out and I think it blends In well with the rest of my decor. This might not be for everyone but your home is suppose to be what you like and that is all that matters. I hope my kitchen remodel will inspire you to get creative and find ways to change things up in your home and be able to stay in your budget.