The weather will be getting warmer so it will be time to pull out your denim jacket. Why not be unique and try adding some lace and doilies. Everyone likes a denim jacket but your going to love this one. First if you don’t have a denim jacket go to your local thrift store and snag one for a few dollars. Some other supplies you will need
Sewing machine
Lace or doilies

On this specific jacket I first added a layer of lace complete around bottom outer layer of jacket. I pleated and pinned as I went around. Once is is completely pinned on then sew it onto jacket with sewing machine. I just used regular stitch and went right around.

Then I sewed on lace I then went around and pinned my doilies on.

Next the doilies are all pinned then sew them on with sewing machine.

After I sewed on the lace and doilies I decided I wanted to add a lace trim to cover up the raw edge that was showing. I did the same process with the trim. I just went around the jacket over the raw edge of lace and doilies. I pinned the trim onto the jacket as I went around.

Once you are finished sewing on your trim your jacket is complete. I hope you love the look of your jacket as much as I love mine. Be creative and use whatever fabric, lace or doilies you like.