I have been wanting to make some fun but unique snowman head ornaments. I find myself in Dollar Tree a lot and new when I saw these mesh strainers they would make a unique snowman head.

The supplies you will need are:

1. Two mesh strainers ( I got mine from Dollar Tree)

2. Scissors or box cutter

3. Elmer’s glue

4. Mica flakes

5. Paint ( black, orange and cream)

6. Paint brush

7. String with needle ( I’m using a cream thin twine)

First step is to cut your mesh strainer. You want to cut the mesh circle off of the strainer
Once you have your two mesh circles you will want to paint both sides with your cream paint.

Once your paint is dry you want to sew the two mesh circles together with your string.

Now it is time to paint your face on.

Once your face is completely dry you can paint the Elmer’s glue on and add mica flakes.

This snowman head can be placed your tree or used on a wreath. He is easy and fun to make and I hope you all give him a try.