Hi you guys! It’s Joy here! With Mother’s Day right around the corner and not being able to go out and shop in store I thought I would round up my favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas from Amazon and share them with you! I love to shop for anyone, but I especially love to shop for my mom! We both have similar taste in clothes and home decor so I also find shopping for her to be so fun!



All of the gifts I’ve rounded up are from Amazon and should arrive before or close to Mother’s Day! As an Amazon associate my mom makes a small percentage off of the products purchased through the links on this blog post. With all of that being said… let’s talk about gifts!





1. The first gift on list is an echo dot. The echo dot is perfect for small spaces and allows you to play music or call people while doing chores around the house!

2. A portable charger is a lifesaver for a mom on the go! I love this one because it has all the cords and plugs built into it so you’ll never lose them!

3. If the mom you’re buying for is busy like my mom they never finish drinking their coffee before it gets cold. These yeti mugs are perfect to keep your coffee or tea hot for much longer! My mom has both the 14 oz yeti ramber (with handle) as well as the 20 oz yeti rambler and she loves both of them!

4. If the mom you’re shopping for loves coffee then you can’t go wrong with a Keurig! I love this one because it is available in the cutest colors and it’s small!

5. Dish towels are the cutest addition to any kitchen and this one would make the perfect gift for any mom!

6. What mom doesn’t love decorative pillows? I know mine does! This throw pillow cover is the perfect neutral color and has the cutest phrase written on the front. Since it is a cover it can be stored away easily and is sure to be a gift any mom would love!

7. My mom also loves blue light glasses and already owns a few pairs. If the mom you’re shopping for spends a lot of time on her computer or phone blue light glasses would be a great gift! I found a few cute options on Amazon but these are my favorite! This pair and this pair are also super cute!

8. I know someone reading this is probably shopping for a crafty mom so I had to include a few craft items! A hot glue gun is a must have for any crafter and this one is small and is available in the cutest patterns!

9. If the person you’re shopping for already has a glue gun these glue gun accessories are a must have! It makes cleaning up your hot glue mess quick and easy and comes with finger protectors to prevent you from getting burnt! After posting this blog these hot glue gun accessories sold out so I’ve added a few more options below. These finger protectors are great and so is this silicone mat!

10. I know a lot of people love essential oils, myself included, so when I saw this essential oil diffuser bracelet I knew it’d make the perfect gift for any mom that loves essential oils!

11. Fuzzy socks are always a great gift because what girl doesn’t love fuzzy socks? This pair is extra cute because they have the phrase “If you can read this, bring me coffee” written on the bottom!

12. If the person you’re buying for loves to relax this bathtub tray is the perfect gift! It has a spot where you can prop up a book or an ipad, you can set a candle on it, and it even has a place to hold your wine glass. It definitely allows you to sit back and relax!

13. My mom has one of these reminder calendars and loves it! If the mom you’re shopping for has a large family this is the perfect item to keep track of birthdays and anniversaries while also doubling as a cute piece of home decor!

14. Buying for a busy mom? You can never go wrong with giving a planner as a gift! This is the best way to keep track of events, birthdays and appointments! This one is super cute and even comes with stickers to use!

15. Lastly, battery operated candles would be a great gift for any mom! My mom absolutely loves battery operated candles and uses them all throughout her home. These battery operated candles are great because they come with a remote and operate on a timer so you never have to worry about turning them on and off.



I really hope you all enjoyed this gift guide and I definitely hope it made shopping for the mom in your life a little bit easier!