Ok if your following The Shabby Tree then you all know I have been working on my Christmas decorations throughout my home. I am doing a snowman and flocked theme in my dining room. Last year I purchased a beautiful 7 1/2 ft flocked tree from Hobby Lobby. I am decorating this tree using the colors gold and brown. All my large trees are in a tree turning stand. You can find a tree turner stand in Walmart, Hobby Lobby and Amazon. I love a tree turning stand because it allows my tree to rotate so I can see all of my ornaments on it.

The first thing I do is place my tree in my tree turning stand and then I fluff the tree. Once the tree is fluffed I then add lights. I always strands off lights that are a warm white. I then add a few sets of our twinkle lights that we sell here at The Shabby Tree. I added 3 sets of twinkle lights to my 7 1/2 ft tree.

Once the lights are in I then added my ribbon. I don’t do the fancy ribbon technique to my trees because I always seem to have a lot of ornaments to put on my tree. I am using a mesh ribbon for this particular tree. I purchased this ribbon from Hobby Lobby.

I am adding a variety of gold items to this tree. I always place my bigger items onto my tree first.

I found these cardboard snowflakes in Walmart last year. They are meant to be used as a table decoration but I love them in my tree.

I added a few snowmen and cone decorations throughout the tree.

I love using items that have clips attached to them.

I used our diy poster board tree collar for the bottom of the tree. This covers the tree turning stand and just makes the tree look complete.

I have a glittered grapevine angel on the top of the tree. I can’t remember where I got her from but I added some lace ribbon the her wings.

This flocked tree is beautiful and I love how the branches tend to drape down.

I just love how this tree turned out. Everyone has different taste when decorating and I know this tree will not be for everyone. I decorate my home according to what makes me happy. I hope you will all have fun decorating for Christmas and use what makes you happy.