You all know that I keep trees up in my house all year long because I love the cozy feeling that the lights give to my home. I do put up a special 9ft tree in my living room for Christmas. This is a large 9ft flocked tree that I purchased from Hobby Lobby. I love having my large trees in a tree rotating stand which allows you to see all of the decorations on the whole tree. I purchased a large round tree rotating stand from Amazon which seems to work well fir my 9ft tree.

I found a red tree collar in Walmart which worked well around my tree rotating stand.

I add all my vintage Santa’s throughout my living room so I like to add a lot of red to my tree.

I am adding a burlap ribbon, a wire red flocked ribbon , pieces of a red berry garland and red berry sprigs.

I purchased the red berry sprigs from Hobby Lobby.

I added a few flocked poinsettias to the very top of the tree. These were purchased from Hobby Lobby.

I wanted something fun for the top of my tree this year. I found these styrofoam Santa heads at a wholesale shop and I just knew they would be perfect.

My tree rotates so I used two Santa heads and placed them back to back. I did this so that as the tree rotates you will not just see the back of the Santa head.

Once all the garlands are on the tree I then added all of the ornaments. I love to add all different ornaments to this tree. We call this our fun tree because I make a game out of it. I will add new ornaments throughout the month of December and who finds the new ornament will get a surprise.

There are a lot of ornaments on this tree and it is very hard to find the new ornament.

This is a very fun and colorful tree and goes well with all of my vintage Santa’s.

Here is a peek at a few of my favorite ornaments.

I hope you enjoy my tree and I hope this inspires you decorate your tree using what will make you happy.