I seem to be in Walmart a lot and I find a lot of my craft items here. I am going to show you a lot of items from Walmart that we have used here at The Shabby Tree.




The first item that is a must have for me from Walmart is the wax burner. I have these all throughout my home and business. I use this now instead of lighting candles.







There are a variety of wax cube scents to choose from.

Two of my favorite scents are the vanilla carmel and the tropical fiesta.







We have made pom poms and tassels by using the pom pom tassel maker.

I buy a lot of my yarn from Walmart. You can a variety of yarn in all colors.

You can find a variety of the glue that I use in my crafts all from Walmart .

My Walmart has a very good fabric section

I get some of my muslin from Walmart as well as my warm and natural

You can also get large boxes of poly fill here.

We recently used heat n bond for making a valentine t-shirt.

You can find the Velcro that I have used on our DIY pillows here.

You will find a variety of buttons that we have used on some of our recent DIY’s.

I also get some of my bling embellishments here.

You will find a variety of twine here.

I will sometime use a yarn needle when working with twine or ribbon. You can find a variety of large needles in the sewing isle.

I will sometimes pick up some spoils of thread here too

You will find a large selection of thread and ribbons.

We have done a lot of DIY’s over Christmas using hangers.

Two items I will pick up back in their paint section are drop cloths and masking paper.

I always get asked where in Walmart so I find my wooden items. We have a craft isle with a variety of wooden items.

This is where I find all the wooden trucks I’m always buying.

A few other items I find in this isle are the burlap flowers and the burlap tape.

You can also find a wood burner in this isle

I will sometimes grab grapevine wreaths and moss.

Summer is quickly approaching and here are a few must haves for our summer DIY’s

In the craft isle you will find the wooden spindles, wooden clothes pins, felt, magnets and beads that we have used on many of our crafts.

A few other items I like to get are pipe cleaners, styrofoam balls, pom poms and popsicle sticks.

I hope that this will help you see and find a lot of the items that we have been using here at The Shabby Tree. I am crafting everyday so I try to look for craft supplies every where I go.