Decorative napkins are an amazing item to craft with. We create a lot of different items here at The Shabby Tree using napkins. One of our amazing followers gave me an idea of turning a napkin into a fun bowl filler or ornament.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Decorative paper napkin ( I purchased the ones I’m using from Home Goods)

2. Thread and needle

3. Poly fill stuffing

4. Scissors

5. Pinking Shears

You can use any size napkin but I will be using a cocktail size napkin for this one. You will want to unfold it and cut it in half as shown in photo above.

You want to leave all the layers of the napkin .

You will use a needle and thread to stitch around the image. I will be stitching around the image to create an egg shape.

Be sure to leave an opening to add the poly fill stuffing.

You can create these fun ornaments or bowl fillers from a variety of napkins.

You can create a hanger for an ornament using any type of string or twine.

These are so much to make and I hope you will give them a try.