With the way the world is today it seems like we are all praying harder than ever before. Even though we seem to praying for a lot of things to get better there is still a lot we are thankful for. We have an amazing group of followers here at The Shabby Tree and they have been creating some amazing hang tags. These hang tags let us know what they are praying for or what they are thankful for. We always have a variety of trees up here at The Shabby Tree and we now have a prayer and thankful tree. It seems like we have a large amount of hang tags which is why we are now placing them onto our walls. We have one room in warehouse that is designated for all of these hang tags. Take a peek and see how it is coming along.

We are placing chicken wire on the walls and then adding some burlap along the top and sides.

I purchased the chicken wire from Home Depot.

I bought a bulk of burlap from Hobby Lobby.

We lined the wall going across with the chicken wire. We used heavy duty staples with an electric staple gun. I purchased the staple gun and staples from Home Depot.

I then used twine and tied the hang tags to the chicken wire.

We have a 7ft tree on a rotating tree stand that stands in the center of the room. The rotating tree stand allows for all the hang tags to be seen as the tree rotates.

I never imagined how amazing this tree and wall would be. There are so many things that our followers are praying for and things they are thankful for. If your following The Shabby Tree then you have seen these hang tags and know how creative and talented our followers are. This room in our warehouse has become our room of inspiration.